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    Journalists, filmmakers, scholars at leading universities, students, researchers, activists, museum curators, heads of nonprofits and foundations, the editor of the Encyclopedia of Islam in the United States, and many others have requested Precious’s help for their projects and publications on Islam in America and the full diversity of the American Muslim experience.

    Do you have questions about the history of Islam in America? Are you on a deadline and need something specific answered right away? Do you need ongoing assistance on a larger project or publication?

    Please fill out the research request form below. Precious’s fees depend on both the complexity of the request and the timeline of the proposed project/task. If the question entails a fair amount of intensive research, that will also be taken into consideration in determining the fee. However basic consulting is $50 an hour for phone consultations, or $400 a day for a total of 8 hours a day.

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